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List of personnel detailed, April to August 1864, by Texas Military Board.pdf
A list of contractors and employers detailed for work by the Texas Military Board to perform service such as hauling goods or manufacturing salt.

In this undated document, two formerly enslaved parents in Cherokee County, Texas, petition Governor Andrew Jackson Hamilton for help in recovering their children from "the former owner by force of arms" after they were "taken out of the petitioners…

032079 - Woods Story in Ripley Bee, Part III.pdf
The fourth part (third extant) of Henrietta Wood's narrative of her kidnapping and enslavement, covering her sale to Mississippi, her time spent in Texas during the Civil War, and her suit against Zebulon Ward.

030679 - Woods Story in Ripley Bee, Part II.pdf
The third installment of Wood's narrative from 1879 (the first is no longer extant) covering the brief trial attempting to prevent her sale farther South and her meeting with a long lost brother in William Pullum's slave pen in Lexington.

022779 - Woods Story in Ripley Bee, Part I.pdf
This is a continuation of Henrietta Wood's narrative, from her kidnapping to her arrival in Lexington. Part 1 of the narrative must have appeared in an earlier issue of the paper.

Survey of Freedmen in Penitentiary, November 1866, TSLAC, Box 022-181.pdf
A survey of freedpeople in the Huntsville State Penitentiary in Texas, dated November 6, 1866.

Letter Inquiring About Convict Labor on Roads, 1869.pdf
A group of citizens in Washington, Grimes, and Walker counties wishes to inquire whether convicts from the Huntsville State Penitentiary can be hired to build a road from Washington through Navasota.

James A. Baker to Penitentiary Board, January 1864.pdf
James A. Baker writes to the penitentiary board on behalf of H. E. Perkins, who is seeking reimbursement for expenses incurred in the transportation of "five negroes" taken to the penitentiary and "under the law as now amended will remain there until…

AJ Bennett to EJ Davis, October 30, 1870, TSLAC, Box 022-1, Folder 24.pdf
A. J. Bennett, the superintendent of the Huntsville penitentiary, writes to Governor E. J. Davis about the injustices suffered by people of color in the state and in the prison system.

R. R. Haynes to Pendleton Murrah, January 5, 1864.pdf
An old friend of Murrah's reports on how his administration has been received in the state and on local developments in Marshall, which is now "filled with Govt functionaries, Govt details, and men, and families, whose misfortunes, have driven them…
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