This website contains materials gathered by W. Caleb McDaniel in the course of research on refugeed slaves and the impact of the Civil War on slavery in Texas. For more about the project, visit the accompanying research wiki.

Although my preference is to open sources used for my research to other historians for examination, my intention is to restrict public access to sources in this database except in those cases where I am confident that the publication is within the bounds of copyright law. Readers may contact me to ask if I have examined sources relevant to this topic that do not yet appear publicly here. You can also visit the Archives page of my research wiki to track my progress in the sources.

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Metadata has been assigned to items for the primary purpose of making this a working research database; a more permanent archive would probably require fuller bibliographic records, but every effort has been made to provide the information necessary to locate the original sources of these items for those interested in knowing more about them.