Letter from Texas Military Board to A. H. Abney at Salt Works, January 17, 1865

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Letter from Texas Military Board to A. H. Abney at Salt Works, January 17, 1865


The Governor, writing as president of the Military Board, instructs Abney not to take orders from any Confederate officer or county official other than the state military board, and urges him to report more often.


Pendleton Murrah


Records of the Texas Military Board, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, 2-10/304


Published here by W. Caleb McDaniel


January 17, 1865


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Office Military Bd.
Austin Texas
Jany 17 1865

Major A. H. Abney,

Genl agent Mil Board


Yours of the 12th ulto to hand. Enclosed we send you a copy of an order from Dept Hd quarters granting your Detail to the state of Texas, and ordering you to report to the Governor of the State for duty untill that order is revoked by General Smith. You will obey no order from any Confederate official. You are solely under the orders of the Governor and military board of the State of Texas.

You will notify the Enrolling officer of this and also that he will erase you rname from the rolls of the Company, and you will not in any case obey orders from any sourse except as above indicated so long as Genl Smith order for your detail is not rescinded. A contrary course would lead to complications that would thwart the purposes for which you have been detailed, would be derogatory to the states interests and place you in a false position.

The teams and wagons in your employ are in the service of the state and must not be interfered with by any authority except thro the orders of the military board.

In relation to the forcing of Mr. Yarbough to sell salt "by enrolling officer," as he has been killed "since" it may be as well not to make any charges now, but you will notify all your employees that you and they are in the employ of the state and only subject to orders from state authority.

You will sell salt as you were heretofore instructed at the market price for such funds as you can use in the purchase of supplies &c necessary to carry on your business.

You must make it self sustaining and should be able now in a short time to make it a sourse of revenue to the state.

No schedule of prices are in any way to regulate you in regard to sales. Of course we leave to you a sound discretion in conducting the sales.

When necessitous cases present you will sell to such at such rates as your judgment shall dictate.

Indigent soldiers families should be supplied at lowest possible rates. In such quantities however as a sound judgement should dictate.

It is not in the power of the Military board to send means of Transportation to you. If you should think proper you can send wagons with salt to the Brazos or Trinity to sell for corn or other supplies. This you must manage yourself.

It is not deemed necessary at present to lay your case before Genl Smith, as we think his order fully covers your case.

If it is violated you will report the facts with particulars to the board that it may be referred to General Smith, for his action thereon.

You will report any Confederate officer who may interfere with you no difference who he may be not only to the military board but also to Genl Smith.

We wish to know what you are doing, what you are making, how you are disposing of the salt and we also with more frequent communications from you. We are in the dark as to your success.


Your Obt. Servt

P. Murrah

President Mly Board

P.S. The [latter?] remarks the Governor made without my knowledge. We have received your report and vouchers. Continue to make your reports Quarterly.

Signed, N. B. Pearce

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