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Texas Military Board Records


Photographs taken of records belonging to the collection "Military Board of Texas: An Inventory of Military Board Records at the Texas State Archives, 1861-1867, 1955, bulk 1861-1865." For finding aid, see http://www.lib.utexas.edu/taro/tslac/90006/tsl-90006.html.

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Letter from Texas Military Board to General Agent A. H. Abney, August 16, 1864
In this letter, the Board lays out its reasons for wanting to encourage salt production, stressing that it believes this will be a profitable business.

Receipt for Salt Works Equipment Signed by A. H. Abney
Receipt from the Texas State Military Board for $25,000, given to agent A. H. Abney on April 29, 1864, to spend on "salt furnaces, kettles, and the necessary appliances for making salt including all proper expenses."

An account sheet drawn up by A. H. Abney to show the amounts of salt and money spent on food supplies for hands working at Jordan's Saline. The figures suggest that Abney had only about 8000 pounds of around 33,000 pounds of salt remaining on hand.

Abney writes from Jordan's Saline to excuse his limited success in making salt for profit.

Letter to A. H. Abney Requesting Salt for War Widows in Titus County
In this copy of a letter, an agent of Titus County [W. F. Wacason?] writes to A. H. Abney, General Agent of the Texas Military Board, at Jordan's Saline requesting an order of salt to support war widows in his county.

Receipt for Hire of Team and Laborers by State Salt Works
This 1864 receipt records a transaction between A. H. Abney, the general agent of the Texas State Military Board at Jordan's Saline, and James Sample. Abney hired a team and wagon as well as "two boys" from Sample for four weeks, at a total cost of…

Letter to A. H. Abney Requesting Salt for War Widows and Soldiers' Families in Kaufman County
This copied note from January 4, 1865, requests salt from the state works at Jordan's Saline to support soldiers' families in Kaufman County. The author appears to be the county commissioner. Also mentions a Mr. Yarbra (probably Yarbough). Other…

The Governor, writing as president of the Military Board, instructs Abney not to take orders from any Confederate officer or county official other than the state military board, and urges him to report more often.

Receipt from A. H. Abney for Food Supplies for Hands Employed at State Salt Works
This receipt notes an exchange of kettles for beef "for the use of the hands in my employ at the state salt works at Jordans Saline," signed by S. C. Hart.

Receipt for Hire of Slaves and Wagons at State Salt Works
Receipt for John Carlock acknowledging payment of 160,000 lbs of salt for "the hire of twenty-seven negroes and five wagons and teams for eight months at the State salt works in Jordan's Saline." Another receipt from 1865, not included here, records…
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