Letter from Texas Military Board to General Agent A. H. Abney, August 16, 1864


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Letter from Texas Military Board to General Agent A. H. Abney, August 16, 1864


In this letter, the Board lays out its reasons for wanting to encourage salt production, stressing that it believes this will be a profitable business.


Texas Military Board


Records of the Texas Military Board, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, 2-1/318, p. 89.


Published here by W. Caleb McDaniel


August 16, 1864


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Austin Texas
Aug 16th 1864

Maj. W.H. [sic] Abney
Genl Agt. M.B.

Sir, Your report to the Board of 22d ult. to hand. We regret to learn of your troubles, but are aware "that such" things cannot be obviated at will.

The enclosed copy of the vicinity of your works taken from the land office we hope will be satisfactory to you, and that you may be able to procure the material you require.

The Board see no necessity for your coming to Austin to [state?] your [accounts?] at the end of September. You can make up your [accounts?] stating what you have received and what you have expended, accompanied with vouchers & then a statement of what you have on hand: both of property and money--is all that is necessary, and the same should be done at the end of each quarter Septr, Decr, Mrch & June.

The Board are desirous that as much salt be made, and as rapidly as possible, as the works will admit. And as salt is an article of great scarcity and much needed, the salt business be a paying one. When any large amount of salt is at the works, by notifying the Board the State Teams could be sent for it and bring it here to sell thus making it pay and at the same time being of great advantages to the citizens of the county.

Hoping to hear of your success in your undertaking we are Maj

Your Obt Servt

N. B. Pearce
J. S. Holman

Members Mil. Board

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