Henrietta Wood’s Interviews

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Henrietta Wood’s Interviews


These interviews with the formerly enslaved woman Henrietta Wood appeared in 1876 and 1879. They form the basis of a book-length study of Wood currently being written by Caleb McDaniel. For more information or to offer feedback, visit my open research notebook.

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Henrietta Wood's Narrative, Part 2
This is a continuation of Henrietta Wood's narrative, from her kidnapping to her arrival in Lexington. Part 1 of the narrative must have appeared in an earlier issue of the paper.

Henrietta Wood's Narrative, Part 3
The third installment of Wood's narrative from 1879 (the first is no longer extant) covering the brief trial attempting to prevent her sale farther South and her meeting with a long lost brother in William Pullum's slave pen in Lexington.

Henrietta Wood's Narrative, Part 4
The fourth part (third extant) of Henrietta Wood's narrative of her kidnapping and enslavement, covering her sale to Mississippi, her time spent in Texas during the Civil War, and her suit against Zebulon Ward.

Henrietta Wood's 1876 Narrative
In 1876, a reporter for the Cincinnati Commercial interviewed Wood (misidentified as Henrietta Woods) for the newspaper. This interview covered many of the details from periods of Wood's life not covered by the three extant narratives in the Ripley…
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