Pugh-Martin-Littlejohn Family Papers

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Pugh-Martin-Littlejohn Family Papers


These items, drawn mostly from collections held at LSU (and microfilmed by UPA) and at Nicholls State University, concern the intertwined families descended in Assumption Parish, Louisiana, from Whitmell Pugh, Augustin Pugh, Thomas Pugh, Robert Campbell Martin Sr., and William Littlejohn. Some papers of Richard L. Pugh and John Williams, microfilmed by UPA as the Pugh-Williams-Mayes Papers, are also included here.

Collection Items

Letter from Mary Pugh in Texas to Richard Pugh, December 15, 1862
Mary W. Pugh writes from Rusk, Texas, after a recent trip with her father back to Louisiana. He is leaving again in the morning and she wishes to send a letter to her husband Richard. She notes that with all the white men leaving, "there is no one…

Martin reports from Mansfield, Louisiana, about the recent movement of her father, William Littlejohn, to Texas "with his Negroes & wagons," adding that he planned to "haul salt from the salt works in Texas to Shreveport & take cotton & tobacco &c…

S. C. W Rudyard, the Provost Marshal of Assumption Parish, Louisiana, describes charges against R. C. Martin, including his refusal to sign a loyalty oath and mistreatment of "his Negroes," who have been told that "if they did not obey his overseer's…

Writing from Mobile, Martin updates her husband about the movements of his father, Robert Campbell Martin Sr., who has "determined to return [to Lafourche] & run his Negroes off to Texas," where he will sell them. Maggie hopes that her husband will…

Martin Sr. reports his arrival in Texas and his assessment of Cherokee County.

Rental Agreement between John Williams and C. C. Chamberlain
This agreement shows that Chamberlain rented his 65-acre plantation, known as Park Place, and also his 110-acre plantation, known as the Robertson Place, both in Cherokee County, to Williams, a refugee from Louisiana, for the year 1865.

Purchasing Orders for Salt at Neches Saline
In these brief notes from November 1864, J. B. Miller, a salt maker at Neches Salt Works in Texas, asks Richard L. Pugh, a refugee planter from Louisiana who was working at the saline, to send orders of salt to him and another named buyer in…

J. B. Miller to Richard L. Pugh, December 12, 1864
Miller writes from Kickapoo instructing Pugh, who is at Neches Saline, to give Henry Day, the superintendent of the Government Iron Works, the amount of salt he requests. Miller also asks Pugh to "sell for us our dry salt to any person" at five…

J. C. Maples to Richard L. Pugh, January 2, 1865
Writing on behalf of C. G. Young, Maples asks Pugh to send some salt "by the boy Sampson" and also gives instructions about an account with Mr. Wafford.

Receipt for Goods Purchased by Richard Pugh with Salt
This account sheet shows that Richard L. Pugh, a Louisiana refugee, had purchased merchandise from the Chapell Hill Iron Works in Texas in 1865. He paid the company with salt, but still owed $500 for previous purchases.
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