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Allie Weeks to John Moore, October 15, 1863, Weeks Family Papers, Reel 18, Frames 204-205.pdf
Harriet C. Weeks Meade writes to Moore about plans for removal from Starrville in Smith County to Freestone County in Texas. News about various family members also included.

Allie to John Moore, September 22, 1863, Weeks Family Papers, Reel 18, 0000.pdf
She thanks him for his recent heartfelt sympathy on the death of her son. She expected Bud (William F. Weeks) to be back already and hopes the delay is not because of sickness. She hopes that Bud is able to persuade him "if possible to return hom. I…

Allie Weeks to John Moore, November 3, 1863, Weeks Family Papers, Reel 18, Frames 219-220.pdf
Harriet C. (Weeks) Meade again wonders why she hasn't heard from Moore and provides more particulars about the move of her "negroes" to Freestone County, though she has not yet heard from Mr. Rawlins about their arrival there.

Allie Weeks to John Moore, October 31, 1865, Weeks Family Papers, Reel 18, Frames 216-217.pdf
Harriet C. (Weeks) Meade wonders why she has not heard from Moore and updates him on plans to move to Freestone County, where her "negroes" have been relocated.

Receipts to RL Pugh for Payment of Tax in Kind, 1864 and 1865, Pugh-Williams-Mayes Papers, Reel 7, Frame 297.pdf
An account sheet concerning over $1300 worth of bacon and the payment of Pugh's tax in kind to the government Iron Works in Anderson County.

Daniel Dudley Avery Account Book, Avery Family Papers, Records of Antebellum Southern Plantations, Series J, Part 5, Reel 11, Frames 908-914.pdf
An accounting book showing entries between October 1865 and July 1867. Dr. M. Judson is mentioned as one of the persons with whom Avery had an account.

An account sheet drawn up by A. H. Abney to show the amounts of salt and money spent on food supplies for hands working at Jordan's Saline. The figures suggest that Abney had only about 8000 pounds of around 33,000 pounds of salt remaining on hand.

Receipt for Hire of Slaves of WF Weeks, June 30, 1864, Weeks Family Papers, Reel 18, Frame 489.pdf
An account sheet between C. E. Gregory and William F. Weeks shows that five enslaved people owned by Weeks (Judah, Ellen, Ellen Collings, Lucretia, and Spencer) had earned $1840 for Weeks to date, towards which the hirers (George and Davidson?) had…

This ledger sheet for 1864 shows that Abney received a total $44,945.88 from the State Military Board to manufacture salt at Jordan's Saline; he spent all of it but about $63 on the hire of hands and teams. Named persons receiving payment in cash…

An advertisement mentioning five slaves who have run away from Jordan's Saline. Internal evidence suggests they were "refugeed" into the state by white enslavers from Missouri and Mississippi.
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