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In 1876, a reporter for the Cincinnati Commercial interviewed Wood (misidentified as Henrietta Woods) for the newspaper. This interview covered many of the details from periods of Wood's life not covered by the three extant narratives in the Ripley…

Pendleton Murrah to John Williams, 1865, TSLAC.pdf
Murrah writes to inquire why proceeds from cotton sold on behalf of the state is in Havana, instead of in the state treasury.

Pendleton Murrah to W. J. Hutchins, May 10, 1864, TSLAC.pdf
Governor Murrah writes to Hutchins to justify his State Plan for purchasing cotton and to explain that he intends not to undermine the Confederate Cotton Bureau.

Pendleton Murrah to EB Nichols, March 22, 1864.pdf
Murrah writes to Nichol to explain his State Plan for purchasing cotton, stressing the need to harmonize with Confederate officials while also pursuing the state's own "liberal policy."

Atchison to Secretary of State, September 1865, TSLAC.pdf
Atchison writes from Navasota in Grimes County to ask that the charter of the Brazos Manufacturing Company, first incorporated by a special law in November 1863, be approved by the governor with himsel and Thomas F. Lockett in charge. He argues that…

Letter from Soldier to Pendleton Murrah, December 24, 1864.pdf
An anonymous soldier writes the governor of Texas to encourage him to adopt policies favorable to the introduction of manufacturing in the state. He compares the progress that Texas has made on factories unfavorably to the progress of neighboring…

Letter from Murrah to Luckett, May 27, 1864.pdf
Murrah writes to clarify with Luckett the names of those agents authorized by the Brazos Manufacturing Company to sell cotton along the Mexican border.

Letters from Military Board to Wheat and Fletcher, May 23, 1864.pdf
Wheat and Fletcher, formerly of the Brazos Manufacturing Company, have written to the board asking for detail exemptions from the draft for a list of men in their employ. The Board replies approving most of their requests but specifying the terms on…

Letter to Captain Thomas F. Luckett from Military Board, May 20, 1864.pdf
The Military Board writes to Luckett concerning some reports the latter has made about the activities of two men named Wheat and Fletcher, formerly of the Brazos Manufacturing Company.
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